It’s a scorcher today.  I’ll have to plant the begonias and balloon flowers once the sun goes down. Yet, it’s not too hot for Bijou. Even with her luxurious fur coat on, she’s still out prowling in the heat. (No, I didn’t say she is in heat, just out in the heat!) 

I worry about her getting dehydrated and dizzy.  I wonder if she can get sunburn or suffer from hallucinations like those people who get trapped in the desert.  OK, so maybe that’s not likely to happen, but I still worry. 

I know full well that the safest  thing would be to keep her indoors all the time. After all, the house is cooler, mosquito free and features unlimited Eukaneuba and Glee reruns. By staying in, she could avoid dangers like that black Hummer that just ripped through the neighbourhood and the loud street cleaner that always freaks her out. 

We have tried to keep her indoors, but when she stays in for too long, she feels trapped and miserable.  She meows and howls and claws at the door and windows.  Before she came to us, she lived on the streets. Luckily, she has intrinsic street smarts.  

Every bird, every bee, every leaf is a joy (and potential snack) for her.  We can’t take that away from her, despite the risks. You can take the cat out of the street, but you can’t take the street out of the cat…

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